About Us


An Agency that helps you build brands through Link building.

We are one of the leading backlink companies in India that offer extensive link building services.

We are committed to our clients by creating the best quality backlinks for their websites through our exclusively amazing work worth your spending. Our specialty is creating a Proprietary SEO link wheel, various cutting edge SEO (Service engine Optimization) services, and Internet Marketing services.

What do we believe?

Every Client is unique

We treat each of our clients uniquely. Understand the minute detail of their requirement and offer the most extensive services that will help their business grow.

Every business has potential

We believe that every idea has potential, but sometimes it needs a unique approach to make it successful. And to find out that one right approach that will bring your business on track what we need is nothing but mentation.

A strategy is a tool for success

A business without the right strategy is like trying to hit a bullseye in the darkness which is destined to miss its mark. A strategy creates a pathway for your success and helps you take each progressive step with the right results.


Why you must choose us?

Guaranteed Results:

We make sure to create all our backlinks from High DA sites that are above DA 50 and the ones which are Web 2.0 sites. We also ensure the links we create are 99% do-follow links and the backlinks that you create lasts for a longer time. This gives a boost to your website to rank higher on Google and various other search engines.

Offer professional services:

To avoid any mess up, we ensure that you keep getting good results even with the algorithmic flux of modern search engines (Bing, Google, Yahoo).

Affordable Packages:

You can buy backlinks that are tailored made service for your website from small single-page website or blogs to a big multi-page site, E-commerce sites, and many more.

With this method, you can create first-level and second-level backlinks. Check the Price & Details.the Price & Details

With this method, you can create first-level links that are 99% do-follow links. Check the Price & Details

How you can Boost your Website Ranking?

Do you wish to knock your competitors and position your website higher in Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines? You must buy quality backlinks from us that hold the key to SEO and make you stand way ahead of your opponents. We create them from High DA sites.

  • We link your website domains having above 50 DA rating only.
  • We create the Multi-level backlinks
  • All the backlinks come with do-follow links.
  • We provide high-quality articles with 500-word counts.

Features of Backlinks:

  • 99% Do-Follow Backlinks: we offer all backlinks with 99% do follow links and that is what you pay for.
  • Web 2.0 Backlinks: In this with adding the Backlinks by creating blogs/ articles on Web 2.0 sites.
  • Contextual Backlinks: we create the links and add them within the content of the article/ blog.
  • Ahrefs DA 40+ Sites: our 90% of Backlinks are built on sites that have Ahrefs DA 40+
  • 500 Word Blog: we create a minimum 500-word blog with your keywords and add them to the blogs/ articles.
  • Manual Outreach: Most of the backlinks creation work is manual, except for indexing. For this, we use our server to tie the indexing with backlinks.
  • Free Backlink Indexing: Even though indexing is done free. We not only use our ping servers for this but also use third-party services that index as many backlinks as possible.
  • Permanent Backlinks: We guarantee to offer 90% permanent backlinks for your site. Our server tracks and pings all the generated backlinks from the database every month for a minimum period of one year. If there are no backlinks, we do replace them with new backlinks.

Why should you buy the Backlinks every month?

If you buy the backlinks one time, you will surely see an increase in your domain DA, the total number of backlinks, and do-follow links. However, this is not enough for beating your competitors and get a high ranking on google and other search engines.

Instead, if you buy backlinks every month, it will continuously increase the domain DA and do-follow links of your website with our 99% do-follow service links. As a result, it will help you to rank high in Google and pull more traffic to your website and help your business grow faster