Benefits of PDF Sharing in SEO

Benefits of PDF Sharing in SEO

Google and other search engines rank only those websites that have content that is valuable and satisfying to people. If you feel that your content is valuable to people and even then it is not ranked on Google, then try to make your content a little bit better and easier to understand. For this, you can add PPT and PDF etc. to your content to make it more attractive to people. Search Engines also gives value to such advanced content.

Why should you add a PDF to your website?

Nowadays, Google and all other search engines give more importance to those websites which are super valuable for people. By using PED, the quality of the content on your website increases. In addition, ‘PDF’ itself is a keyword. You can increase the value of your content by using PDF according to the needs of your audience.

For example, if you are preparing an article on a government scheme, then you can add a PDF of the official notification of the scheme in your article. If you are writing on a specific topic, then you create a relatable smill size pdf to add that on your article.

Benefits of PDF Sharing in SEO

There are many advantages to adding PDF to your content, some of them are

You can improve your content quality by adding a PDF

If you add a related PDF file to your content, it increases the value of your content. Your audience likes your content more and your content gets more social shares. If you do a product sale, it increases the conversion rate. You shoukd understand this that if your content is liked by people, then search engines will also like it. And keep in mind that you are not working for search engines but for people.

You’ll get better social shares and backlinks

If you prepare a valid PDF and upload it on your website, then people will share your PDF on social media, which will also give you some traffic along with social links. If the PDFs you create are really quite valuable, then other creators will share that PDF. And thats how you’ll get some quality backlinks too.

You can submit your PDFs on Submission sites

Currently there are many such PDF submission websites where you can submit your own PDF. Millions of people use these websites. You will get quality links from these websites and your website will also be promoted free of cost. Good traffic can also be obtained through PDF submission websites.

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