Benefits of PPT (Slide Presentation) in SEO

Benefits of PPT (Slide Presentation) in SEO

Google says that they try to improve the experience of users and because of this, they constantly change the algorithm or we can sau they update their algorithm to provide best value to their users. But changes in these algorithms only effect them, which work less for people and more for Google. As a great creator, we should pay the most attention to our content. To improve your content, you can try many things like adding audio, video or PPT (Slide Presentation) etc. to the website. WAIT! Have you ever thought about sharing PPT on your website or blog? If not, then you should think because it has many benefits and we’ll know about all of them.

Benefits of Sharing PPT in SEO

First of all, know that PPT and slide presentation are called the same thing. When we prepare a slide by adding lots of pictures to explain a subject, that slide is called PPT (slide presentation). We can also add PPT to our website or blog. Many news and ecommerce websites have been doing this for a long time and they are also getting the benefit of it. If you add a slide presentation to your website or blog, you will get the following benefits from it :

This will make your content better

If you prepare content on a specific topic, then you can prepare a PPT to understand that content easily. This will enable your audience to interact more with you. If people like your work, then Google will also like it. This will increase your ranking and traffic too.

Your site will get more links

Backlinks are very important to rank websites on seach engines. If you add a valuable and easy to understand slide presentation (PPT) on your website along with the best context, then you will get great social shares. Apart from this, if a creator adds your presentation on their website, you’ll get quality backlinks too.

You can submit your PPT on submission sites

Currently there are many PPT submission sites which are used by millions of people. If you submit your PPT on these sites, then you will get both backlinks and traffic. By using this method, you can also promote your website for free.

Drive traffic from social media

If you prepare PPT and upload it on your social media accounts and your PPT is valid for the logo then it will get a lot of shares. This will give you a lot of good traffic from social media. Apart from this, it is a better way to increase the social media presence of your brand.

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