Benefits of Video Sharing in SEO

Benefits of Video Sharing in SEO

Google says that they are the search engine of the people, that means the content people will like will rank at the top. All the creators want their website to be ranked at the top but in this growing competition it is not easy to get the website ranked on the first place. If you want to rank your website on the first page of Google in the year 2021, then you not only have to create quality backlinks but also create unmatchable content which is better than your competitor.

To rank your website or blog on Google, you can add a related video in your article. Currently, many websites / blogs that rank at the top on Google have videos. This makes it easier for people to understand the content. There are many benefits of adding videos to your article, which we will learn about in this article.

5 Benefits of Video Sharing in Google

Sharing a video content on your blog post or website have few really good benefits, which are:

A Video can generate numbers of link

If you make a quality video for the content of your website yourself, then it can provide a lot of links to your website. If your video is valuable to people, then you’ll get backlinks from some reputed domains too. Apart from this, it is natural for a valuable video to get a large number of social shares.

It increases your ranking on Google

Google analyzes not only the keywords and context on your website but also other media files. If you are writing a great blog and share a video to make your content easy to understand for reader, then people will like your blog more. If people like your blog then Google will like it too.

Video drives traffic to your blog

If you do not share the video of another creator and make your own video and connect it to your blog, then it will also give you a lot of good traffic. Nowadays, people love video content more. So if you upload your videos on YouTube and other social media platforms and leave a link of your blog there, then you will some visitors from there too.

Video content boosts brand’s social presence

As we told you earlier, people now like video content more. All companies and brands make videos for their products. This makes people aware of the qualities of the products and is attracted to them. You can increase your brand’s social media presence through video content.

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