What is Social Media Backlinks and Benefits of It?

What is Social Media Backlinks and Benefits of It?

Many people believe that there is no use of backlinks from social media. But is it true? We don’t think so neither any expert does. Backlinks from social media prove to be quite beneficial both directly and indirectly. Backlinks from Social Media platforms not only helps in increasing your brand value on social media but also serves as a plus point in Search Engine Optimization. Social media can be really useful when it comes to ranking of sites. You just need to understand social media backlinks and build them with a proper strategy.

What is Social Media Backlinks and does it help in SEO?

In simple words, the links of websites / blogs available on social media are called Social Media Backlinks. Most of them are no-follow but still helps in SEO. Social media is one of the best ways to get a loyal audience on blogs or websites. Every company have their pages and accounts on various social platforms. Social media helps companies to get clients and websites to get traffic. But do social media backlinks help in SEO? Yes, it does.

In 2014, Matt Cutts, who worked for Google search algorithms, said that there is no relation to website ranking on Google with likes, followers and views on social media. That is, the links on the website on social media do not affect the ranking. But research conducted by Hootsuite and some other companies found that the excellent performance of the website on social media helps them to get a better ranking on search engines too. Cutts also said that Facebook and Twitter pages are treated like any other page in our web index.

In simple language, Social Media Backlinks help in ranking websites on search engines.

Benefits of social media backlinks

Social media backlinks are beneficial for websites in many ways. The main advantages of social media backlinks are:

Social Media Backlinks helps in ranking on search engines

A lot of people think that social media links are not beneficial in ranking websites on Google and other search engines. But this is not true. Backlinks from social media not only help you to build a brand on social media platforms, but also help you to get a better ranking on search engines like Google and Bing. There are also some ways by which Do-follow backlinks can be obtained from social media platforms. Dofollow backlinks from social media platforms with high page authority act as a powerful support for newly created websites.

Social Media Backlinks doesn’t impact negetive on Ranking

Nowadays, competition has increased so much that backlinks have also become necessary for ranking websites. But inappropriate backlinks can also spoil your website’s ranking. Inappropriate backlinks make websites appear as spam in front of search engines, increasing the risk of the website being penalized. In such a situation, backlinks should be made carefully for any website. Social media backlinks have no negative impact on Search Engine Ranking. So they are completely safe.

Social Media Backlinks are cost effective

We all know the importance of backlinks. Many people pay thousands to get backlinks. Selling backlinks has become a great option for owners of websites with high authority to earn money. But this is not the case with social media backlinks. Creating an account is free on almost all social media platforms. Because of this, social media backlinks are quite cost effective as well. But you have to spend a lot of time in creating social media backlinks. It costs you very little money to create social media backlinks.

It helps you to get some people on your website

Social media backlinks are slightly different from backlinks found on other websites. People associated with your social media account see this backlink. If you promote backlinks in a free or paid way, then that backlink also goes to other people. In such a situation, when a lot of social media backlinks are created for a website, the website also receives a lot of traffic from social media. Remember that social media is a great option to get traffic just like search engines. In such a situation, it is important to have presence of website on social media too.

How eHyperLink can help you? Social media backlinks are really beneficial for any website in many ways. But it is necessary to make them with a strategy. If you keep sharing only the link of your website on social media platforms, then your website will be banned by social media platforms. In this way you will lose a lot of traffic coming from social media. Apart from this, a lot of time has to be spent in creating great social media backlinks. eHyperLinks have a great team of Backlinks Experts who understand your needs. We provide powerful supportive social media backlinks to our customers according to their needs. The best thing is that our services are available in pocket friendly prices.

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